Our services
Trade Finance
Our specialized Commodity Trade Finance (CTF) team facilitates a broad range of commercial activities extending from procurement of funding solutions to support with the movement of physical commodities, traded by our clients, throughout the entire commodity supply chain.

Financing within the framework of our CTF division includes a vast array of transactions – pre-payment to suppliers, payment for goods in transit, financing stocks, issuance of letters of credit – that accommodate the trading, processing, storage, transportation and distribution of essential commodities throughout the world.

Our Accounting department is committed to delivering accurate and up-to-date financial information to our clients. As precise and well-organized financial records serve as the foundation of every business, we strive to enhance the daily operations of our clients by covering the entire scope of accounting services, including:

• Bookkeeping and cost accounting
• Real Time Information compliance
• Payable/Receivable Management
• Compilation of financial statements
• Independent audit organization



Our Reporting team is devoted to providing accurately summarized financial data as reliable financial reporting is not merely a regulatory issue, but also serves as the basis of effective operational management. Succinctly consolidated financial information helps executive management identify any irregularities in the daily works of the company, assess adequate measures to ensure sustainable business development and facilitates budgetary and planning initiatives. In order to assist our clients, meet the demanding and ever-so-rigid regulatory requirements, we provide the following services:

• Financial statement preparation:
    • Income statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Cash flow statement
    • Statement of retained earnings
• Internal control reports
• Cost accounting base P&L reports



Our dedicated Treasury team provides transaction, investment and information services to our partners, including:

• Budgeting and cash flow management
• Organization and execution of payments
• FX and liquidity management



By working closely with our clients, we deliver IT infrastructure services to help them achieve their unique business objectives, boost agility and foster an environment of innovation and continuous improvement in a cost-effective and versatile manner. We provide the following IT services:

• Systems maintenance
• Helpdesk and support
• Consulting


We provide comprehensive solutions encompassing all aspects of commodities’ logistics and facilitate the movement of physical commodities from producers to buyers in a reliable and efficient manner. Our experienced personnel will plan and manage all aspects of a delivery – from defining desired departure and arrival points to selecting a mode of transport and ensuring a transparent shipment process, throughout which the client retains effective oversight of the cargo.